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ICYMI: NG911 Working Group Releases NG911 Self-Assessment Tool
SAFECOM Members:
On behalf of the Next Generation 911 (NG911) Working Group, we wanted to share the recent SAFECOM blog post highlighting the release of the NG911 Self-Assessment Tool.  This easy-to-use checklist establishes a common terminology and identifies key milestones to help 911 call centers understand the multi-year NG911 implementation process.  The Tool is a downloadable Microsoft Excel file, which ensures that collected results are only shared with the agency completing the assessment.  The Tool is now live on
In addition, we wanted to share a few additional resources:
  1. State of 911 Webinar Series – Tyrell Morris, Executive Director, Orleans Parish Communication District, and NG911 Working Group member, presented on the Tool during the National 911 Program’s State of 911 Webinar Series on January 14.  Click on the link provided to view a full recording of the presentation.
  2. Social Media Toolkit – SAFECOM and NCSWIC members have been integral in the development of the NG911 Self-Assessment Tool and will be critical in messaging the release of the document to reach the widest audience.  To assist in this endeavor, the NG911 Working Group developed the Social Media Toolkit to help publicize the announcement.  The Social Media Toolkit includes example email, twitter, and LinkedIn messages that you can share with your organization.  You can tailor the messages or create your own.  Additionally, you can retweet/repost, and share the NG911 Self-Assessment Tool posts from CISA's Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
Please feel free to share the blog post and Self-Assessment Tool webpage links with your respective organizations.  For questions about the NG911 Self-Assessment Tool, please feel free to email the NG911 Working Group inbox at
Very Respectfully,
Gerald (Jerry) Jaskulski, Management Program Analyst
Acting Assistant Director for Emergency Communications
DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
703.705.6345 – office 202.379.8528 – cell