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NPSTC Announces Ralph Haller as the First Recipient of Harlin R. McEwen Award
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National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
The National Public Safety Telecommunications Council Governing Board is proud to announce that Ralph Haller has been selected as the first recipient of the prestigious Harlin R. McEwen award.
This award was created in honor of Chief Harlin McEwen, a founding member of the NPSTC Governing Board and Chair Emeritus of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Communications Committee.  He is a unique individual who worked tirelessly for over half a century in the interest of nationwide public safety communications.  The award recipient must match the commitment and leadership shown by Chief McEwen and must also be someone of excellent character, have demonstrated an unwavering sense of community over self, have outstanding ethics throughout his/her career, share the same kind of passion about public safety as Chief McEwen, and have advanced nationwide public safety communications in a highly significant way.
This year's recipient clearly meets all of these requirements.  There are very few people who have had the far-reaching impact that Ralph Haller has achieved during his career.  He served as a Bureau Chief with the Federal Communications Commission directing the development of the FCC's Part 90 rules and regulations that remain in effect today.  His knowledge of Radio Frequency engineering principals and the practical ways in which physics impact radio signal behavior is impressive.
Even in retirement, he remains involved with public safety communications to help make the nation safer and to improve Interoperability for public safety agencies across the country.  Mr. Haller continues to demonstrate leadership and help build consensus as the Chair of NPSTC.  As just one example, the lack of common names for frequencies was a challenge for all first responders and Mr. Haller led the effort to gain consensus for a channel naming plan that is still in use today.
Harlin McEwen Presenting to Ralph Haller
NPSTC Vice Chair, Doug Aiken (left) presents the Harlin R. McEwen Award to Ralph Haller.
Chief Harlin McEwen said "I am extremely pleased to learn that NPSTC has selected Ralph Haller to be the first recipient of the award named in my honor.  I worked with Ralph for many years starting when he previously worked at the Federal Communications Commission.  There are few who have worked so tirelessly for the improvement of public safety communications like Ralph and he is very deserving of this recognition."
If anyone parallels the life and intensity of Chief Harlin McEwen it is Ralph Haller.  NPSTC has been honored by his service as their Chairman for many years.
Congratulations Ralph!
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