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The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) now has 10M Households Enrolled
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Earlier this week, the White House and FCC announced that over 10 million households are now enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program.  With your partnership we have helped over 10M households gain access to discounted broadband services through the nation's largest ever broadband affordability program.  The ACP provides connections for telehealth services, distance learning, economic development, government benefits and services, and civic engagement with local, state, and national elected and appointed leaders.  As we celebrate this milestone, we are also looking ahead.  The FCC will continue its work to ensure that qualifying households know how to enroll.  We invite you to join us in that mission.  Below you will find 10 ways to connect your community with the ACP.
  • Help Your Community Enroll:  Sign up as an enrollment partner today at
  • Spread the Word:  Are you organizing school packet pick-ups or a local food drive? Download and print out ACP flyers to include in pick-up materials:
  • Request Printed Materials:  Printed versions of FCC ACP Outreach Toolkit materials are available.  Send an email to and provide details on what you need.
  • Connect with Local Institutions:  Ensure schools, libraries, health clinics, and community centers know about the ACP and have the information they need to help eligible students and patrons enroll.
  • Involve Your Local Government:  Does your local employment assistance or social services office have ACP information? Put Outreach Toolkit materials in the hands of people who interact with the public – teachers, healthcare providers, and community workers.
  • Share ACP Info on Your Websites and Social Media:  The FCC has ready-to-post graphics, videos, and PSAs available for you to share with your network in the ACP Outreach Toolkit.
  • Request a Speaker for an Event:  Have a local event coming up? Want to train your members to serve as local ambassadors for ACP? Send a speaker request to
  • Help Connect the Unconnected:  Download and print application forms in English or Spanish.  Households applying for ACP by mail should include a Household Worksheet and copies of their eligibility documentation.  Worksheet in English and Spanish.
  • Find Local Providers:  Browse listings by state or territory at
  • Let EVERYONE Know:  Spread the word about ACP on community bulletin boards, both online and around town.
  • A copy of this list as a graphic is here.
    Thank you for your continued efforts in support of the ACP.