National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
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How to Educate State and Local Decision-Makers on Need for Continued LMR Funding
SAFECOM has prepared a sample presentation on LMR Sustainment that can be used to educate state and local decision-makers on LMR needs.  The presentation provides general information on LMR technologies, and has several slides that can be customized to convey the status of LMR systems in your state, region, or locality, current capabilities, and future needs.  The presentation can be used to make a case for continued funding to sustain current LMR capabilities, LMR improvements, or LMR replacement.  The Committee has also produced documents that can be used as read-ahead materials or handouts to leave with decision-makers after the presentation.  All the products of the Committee are available on the Funding Page of the SAFECOM website, under the section titled, 'Sustaining Public Safety Communications Systems,' and include: