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DHS OEC and DOT Introduce the NG911 Cybersecurity Primer
Cybersecurity Primer
The DHS Office of Emergency Communications and Department of Transportation National 911 Program developed the NG911 Cybersecurity Primer.  The NG911 Primer includes input from over 70 stakeholders and subject matter experts from public safety, industry, government agencies, and academia.  The Primer is an introduction to improving the cybersecurity posture of NG911 systems nationwide and provides an overview of the cyber risks that will be faced by NG911 systems.  It is intended to serve only as an informational tool for system administrators to better understand the full scope and range of potential risks, as well as recommend mitigations to these risks.  The Primer highlights the value of a risk assessment to identify, evaluate and prioritize system risks.  It also provides recommendations for system administrators intending to improve their NG911 systems, and links to additional resources, such as those provided through DoT’s National 911 Program, FCC's CSRIS, NIST's CSF, NENA's NG-SEC, etc.