700 MHz Broadband Working Group
DHS's Office for Interoperability and Compatibility (OIC) and the Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) provide support to NPSTC's Broadband Working Group (BBWG) and its task groups to research and define public safety broadband requirements in a number of key areas.  On December 11, 2012, NPSTC presented the Public Safety Broadband High-Level Launch Requirements, Statement of Requirements for FirstNet Consideration (SoR), to the FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC), who in turn presented it to the FirstNet Board to assist them as they develop the NPSBN.
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History ...
August 2013:  NPSTC and APCO Partner to Turn Technical Requirements into Public Safety Grade Standards ...
July 2013:  NPSTC Initiates New Task Group to help determine the requirements and definition for the phrase "Public Safety Grade" (PSG) ...
July 2013:  NPSTC Publishes NPSTC's BBWG Publishes Push-to-Talk Requirements for Broadband ...
June 2013:  NPSTC Creates LTE/Console Task Group ...
2012:  Broadband for Public Safety was Overwhelmingly the Biggest Issue of 2012 ...
Broadband Task Groups ...
BBWG Had Already Laid Important Groundwork for the SoR:  Prior to the writing of the 700 MHz Public Safety SoR, NPSTC's Broadband Working Group created five task groups 2 years ago to research public safety requirements for specific issues – Mission Critical Voice (MCV, incl. Direct Mode & Tech Reqmts), Local Control, Priority/Quality of Service, MultiMedia Emergency Services (MMES), and Security.  Security is no longer an official task group, but is still actively working with the other four ...
Mission Critical Voice (MCV) – incl. Direct Mode & Tech Reqmts
Local Control
Priority/Quality of Service
MultiMedia Emergency Services (MMES)
700 MHz Broadband
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Latest on LTE
Support Provided by the US Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate, Office for Interoperability and Compatibility (OIC),
and the National Protection and Programs Directorate, Office of Emergency Communications (OEC)

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