National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
People and Vehicles : Firefighter, Policeman, Police cruiser, Ambulance
Vehicles : Fire truck, Ambulance, Police boat
People : Policemen
Towers : Towers on a ridge
Computers : monitor array
Public Safety Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group
Significant progress is occurring in all areas affecting public safety broadband utilization.  The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) continues to enhance their vision for a nationwide public safety LTE system.  3GPP continues to advance standards that will support public safety use of broadband networks and systems.  Commercial wireless providers continue to offer new and improved services for both public safety and the public.  One emerging topic involves public safety's use of sensors and other devices, which are broadly referred to as the "internet of things" or IOT.  The general public is also engaging with the use of sensors and devices that are expected to interface with PSAPs, and in some cases, directly with a first responder.
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September 01, 2018
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Internet of Things (IoT)