National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
People and Vehicles : Firefighter, Policeman, Police cruiser, Ambulance
Vehicles : Fire truck, Ambulance, Police boat
People : Policemen
Towers : Towers on a ridge
Computers : monitor array
NPSTC Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the NPSTC Chair, NPSTC Vice Chair(s), Committee Chairs, Committee Vice Chairs, Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director, and may act upon routine matters without a vote of the Governing Board.  Either NPSTC Vice Chair may act on behalf of the NPSTC Chair in his/her absence.  The Committee Vice Chairs do not have voting privileges, unless assigned as the proxy prior to the meeting or vote.
Examples of routine matters include meeting arrangements, procedures, FCC filings in furtherance of matters previously approved by the Governing Board, and minor substantive matters.
Interoperability Committee
Spectrum Management Committee
Technology & Broadband Committee