National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
T-Band Working Group
Objectives and Goals
The original scope of work for the NPSTC T-Band Working Group was to develop comprehensive recommendations for the NPSTC Governing Board by assessing the effects of the legislation on public safety, evaluating potential options, and determining the viability and costs of those options.  That scope of work resulted in development of the NPSTC T-Band Report issued March 15, 2013.
Subsequent work resulted in the NPSTC T-Band Update Report issued May 31, 2016 that concluded little had changed since issuance of the original T-Band Report.  The T-Band Update Report also provided additional detail on impact to the public, the scope of TV broadcast stations also in the T-Band spectrum, and open questions concerning any potential readiness of the nationwide public safety broadband system to serve as a substitute for T-band systems.
On December 13, 2017, a group of affected T-Band jurisdictions formed the T-Band Coalition and adopted the goals of getting the T-Band spectrum auction and relocation requirements in Section 6103 of Public Law 112-96 repealed, and the FCC freeze cancelled.  The Coalition is utilizing the information from the NPSTC T-Band reports and analysis.
Recent Developments
The NPSTC Governing Board comprised of 16 public safety organizations met in executive session and concluded that Section 6103 of Public Law 112-96 is of grave concern to public safety and agreed to support the formation of the T-Band Coalition.  A group of public safety representatives from T-Band areas formed a coalition on December 13, 2017 to pursue repeal of Section 6103 of P.L. 112-96.  NPSTC is providing information to the Coalition.
T-Band Coalition members from the New York, Boston and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, together with representatives from the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the National Sheriffs' Association held initial meetings with Congressional Members and Staff on February 13, 2018 to address the T-Band issue.
Group Work
Recent Activities and Accomplishments
September 01, 2018
Completed Work
NPSTC T-Band Update Report
NPSTC T-Band Report
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T-Band Working Group