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Now Available - Communications Dependencies Case Study: 2020 Midwest Derecho & City of Manassas, VA, Geographic Information System Use Case
SAFECOM Members,
We are pleased to announce the recent publication of two documents in support of addressing public safety emergency communications:
  • The Communications Dependencies Case Study:  2020 Midwest Derecho document provides emergency communications administrators with knowledge to better prepare for severe power outages impacting communications and work with commercial providers during and after inclement weather incidents.  In addition to providing lessons learned, the document highlights key takeaways and communications dependencies best practices.  This document builds upon the Public Safety Communications Dependencies on Non-Agency Infrastructure and Services document released in 2021.
  • The City of Manassas, VA., Geographic Information System (GIS) Use Case documents lessons learned from the City of Manassas's implementation of a GIS as part of their transition to Next Generation (NG911).  Combined with the GIS Lifecycle Best Practices Guide for NG911 and California Statewide NG911 GIS Use Case, it provides users with helpful tips for navigating the GIS lifecycle, including establishing governance structures, procuring GIS resources, and collaborating with neighboring jurisdictions to establish boundaries.
  • These documents would not have been possible without input from our partners at SAFECOM, the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators, and the City of Manassas.  We sincerely thank them for their contributions to ensure this document was written by and for public safety agencies.
    We encourage you to share the publication blog posts from January 12 and January 18 with your colleagues and others who might be interested in these documents.
    Thank you again for your continued support.
    Ted and Josh
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