National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
People and Vehicles : Firefighter, Policeman, Police cruiser, Ambulance
Vehicles : Fire truck, Ambulance, Police boat
People : Policemen
Towers : Towers on a ridge
Computers : monitor array
FYSA: Implementing the NECP Webinar: How is 5G Impacting Emergency Communications? June 29, 2022
SAFECOM Members:
CISA is requesting your assistance to help spread the word!  The Implementing NECP webinars are open to the public, and we encourage you to share the attached materials with peers and colleagues within your professional networks.
We've prepackaged several social media messages that you, association staff, and state officials can use to communicate and encourage participation amongst your stakeholders via email or your own social media platforms.  The messages can be used by your organization as is, or you are welcome to tailor them to meet your specific and/or desired needs.
As always, we appreciate your support and continued assistance to reach the widest audience.  To find out more about the webinars visit, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at
Thank you for helping CISA communicate the importance of the NECP.