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Requesting Participation in the Fire Protection Research Foundation's Study: Public Safety Call Answering and Event Processing Times
Dear Public Safety Stakeholder,
The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF), NFPA's research affiliate, is conducting a study on Public Safety Call Answering and Event Processing Times and we need your participation!  Public Consulting Group LLC (PCG) is working alongside the Fire Protection Research Foundation to collect, analyze, and summarize data regarding public safety call answering and processing times in the United States to determine if the current call time provisions in NFPA 1225, Standard for Emergency Services Communications, are reasonable.
PCG will be collecting and analyzing computer-aided dispatch (CAD) call data and other related information for analysis.  Our goal is to collect and analyze data from a diverse set of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) dispatch centers (large, small, urban, rural, etc.).  We are asking for voluntary participation from PSAP dispatch centers who would like their data to be included in the analysis.  We will be excluding data regarding law enforcement calls to focus solely on fire and EMS events.  Data will be aggregated for analysis; individual agency data will not be included in the final report.  Please note that most of the data requested in this survey is best provided by management personnel responsible for the agency's PSAP or dispatch center.
If your agency/department would like to submit data for this study, follow the instructions provided on the Fire Protection Research Foundation's website:  Resources included on this website will help you to understand the simple data request and complete the questionnaire.
The due date for questionnaire completion and data submission is no later than July 22, 2022.
For additional information or questions regarding the data request or questionnaire, please contact the PCG Public Safety Support Team at
Thank you in advance for your participation.