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The Radio Club of America (RCA) Announces New Free Training Module “Introduction to Wireless”
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Amy Beckham
The Radio Club of America (RCA) Announces New
Free Training Module “Introduction to Wireless”
RCA (the Radio Club of America, the world's most prestigious society of wireless professionals, has just released, free to the public, its new training module:  "Introduction to Wireless".
This training module, which is a PowerPoint™ slide deck, provides basic information about the wireless industry, the jobs available in the industry, education needed for those jobs, and some websites which list wireless jobs.
RCA President John Facella said "Wireless is a ubiquitous technology upon which modern life is dependent.  Yet many take wireless for granted, and don't consider it as an exciting career possibility.  One purpose of this training module is to explain to high school and college students, their parents, and guidance counselors, what this industry is all about, and how someone might get into the industry."
RCA President-elect David Bart said "There is a major shortage of qualified people to work in the wireless industry.  However, not all jobs are just for engineers or technicians.  There are many other jobs in sales, marketing, manufacturing, education, legal, real estate, all of which impact wireless.  This training module explains that, and the basic requirements needed to qualify for these jobs.  We hope that this training will help people to consider joining our industry."
The slides can be found on the RCA website by going to:  and then clicking on the red bar "Introduction to Wireless".  In the future, the slides will also be available (also at no cost) as a series of short videos.
About RCA
Founded in 1909, RCA (the Radio Club of America) is the most prestigious group of wireless communications professionals in the world.  Members are dedicated to the wireless art and science for the betterment of society.  RCA is a 501(c)(3) organization.  For more information, visit
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