National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
People and Vehicles : Firefighter, Policeman, Police cruiser, Ambulance
Vehicles : Fire truck, Ambulance, Police boat
People : Policemen
Towers : Towers on a ridge
Computers : monitor array
Document Publication: Updated SAFECOM Fact Sheet
SAFECOM Members,
SAFECOM announces the release of updates to the SAFECOM Fact Sheet.  The new fact sheet continues to highlight SAFECOM's background and mission, and includes an interactive interoperability continuum graphic, additional hyperlinks to new and updated resources, and new formatting to facilitate SAFECOM's outreach activities both in-person and through virtual environments.  We encourage you to share the updated SAFECOM Fact Sheet with your colleagues and others who may be interested.  The updates made to these documents would not have been possible without the commitment, ideas, and expertise of SAFECOM's members.  The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is grateful for the contributions of SAFECOM's members.