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SAFECOM Cybersecurity Advisory - CISA and Partners Disclose Snake Malware Threat from Russian Cyber Actors
SAFECOM Cybersecurity Advisory Banner
Recently, CISA and other partners released a joint advisory for a sophisticated cyber espionage tool used by Russian cyber actors.  Hunting Russian Intelligence "Snake" Malware provides technical descriptions of the malware's host architecture and network communications, as well as mitigations to help detect and defend against this threat.
The Russian government has engaged in malicious cyber activities that enable broad-scope cyber espionage to suppress certain social and political activity; steal intellectual property; and harm regional and international adversaries.  Within the United States, organizations such as education, small businesses, media organizations, and critical infrastructure sectors, including government facilities, finance, and communications, have been victims of Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) cyber actors.  CISA urges organizations to review the advisory for more information and apply the recommended mitigations and detection guidance.  For more information on FSB and Russian state-sponsored cyber activity, please see the joint advisory Russian State-Sponsored and Criminal Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure and CISA's Russia Cyber Threat Overview and Advisories webpage.
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